All In One Payment Platform for Merchants

An effective payment gateway is one of the most important parts of running an online business, or any type of business for that matter. There has to be a balance between how easy it is for customers to use it as well as affordability. Choosing the right payment solution will increase business prospects. Providing customers with a hassle-free and user-friendly platform will make them want to return to the website to purchase products and services again. There are many advantages to having online payment availability.

Instant Payments

Payments made online should be quick and easy. The system should provide instant notification or confirmation of the transaction so that the customer is assured of the purchase.


While a method to make a payment online is secure and credible for the customer. The merchant, on the other hand, will receive their money with no risk of bounced checks and the fees that come with those. The payment platform will help reduce fraud-related losses as well.


Customers view merchants as more reliable when they have online payment options directly on their website. It encourages them to keep coming back to do business with that merchant.

Installments or Subscriptions

When customers are buying a larger ticket item, they will typically use their credit card to make the payment. Sometimes they will want to break down the payment over several installments. This is also a great option for things that involve subscription billing.

Competitive Edge

Merchants who accept online payments automatically improve their reputation. This allows them to gain trust. Those that don’t offer this option will often lose business to a merchant that does.

Ability to Sell Globally

Having the ability customers around the globe to use the payment type they want will boost the eCommerce payment processing success rate for a business. Blue Snap supports eWallets, credit cards and local payment methods and currencies used around the world.

Those business owners that are ready to take their payment processing to the next level should consider Blue Snap. They will help merchants deliver mobile online checkout at a global level, invoice payments as well as marketplace payments. For additional information visit